Logging on to Your TeacherTECH Website With Dreamweaver

This is going to be a quick overview of some setup screens that show you the correct elements to enter in the Site/Manage Sites/Edit fields in Dreamweaver.

First, click on the Site menu, then click on Manage Sites.

The Manage Sites window will pop up.  It looks like this.

Click on TeacherTECH (or whatever you've named your site) to select it, then click on Edit.  A Site Definition window, like the one below will pop up, already self-selected on Local Info.  You have probably already set your Site Name and the location of your Root Folder (where your website is stored on your hard drive).  Make sure the HTTP address is set to http://teachertech.rice.edu like below.



Next, Click on Remote Info in the left column.  The window will change appearance, and should look like the window below.

If the window is blank, click on the drop-down Access menu, and select FTP. Enter teachertech.rice.edu in the FTP Host. Then enter your username in the Login field, and your password in the Password field.  Finally, check the Use Secure FTP (SFTP) box, then click on the Test button. You should receive a message like the one below.

This page was created on a laptop, and uploaded to TeacherTECH using a wireless connection outside of the Rice firewall (from my home), so it should be possible for everyone to connect to their websites using the above method.  I'll add to and modify this page to answer other questions as they arise.


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