Second Day Photos From Grace Hopper Conference

September 2000, Hyannis, Massachusetts

       These photos were taken on Day Two, September 15, 2000, on a cruise of the harbor.

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Judy Woods and Marilyn Turmelle.  Raquell Holmes (BU) behind them. Cape Cod sun sets behind the Kennedy compound. Judy takes video. Attendees admiring the view.
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Cynthia Lanius. Raquell and Marilyn. Sun's even lower now. Susan Boone.
smgh_day02_14.jpg (6983 bytes) smgh_day02_15.jpg (5337 bytes) smgh_day02_17.jpg (6607 bytes) smgh_day02_19.jpg (6667 bytes)
Susan. Is this boat moving? L to R -- Back Row, Susan, me, Raquell, Judy, Marilyn.  Front Row, Karen, Theresa, Cynthia. Susan and Raquell.
smgh_day02_21.jpg (10087 bytes) smgh_day02_22.jpg (7420 bytes) smgh_day02_24.jpg (3951 bytes)  
Karen taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me . . . Karen. Last light in the harbor.  


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