Third Day Photos From Grace Hopper Conference

September 2000, Hyannis, Massachusetts

       These photos were taken on Days Three and Four, September 16 and 17, 2000,

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The golf course, taken from my hotel room patio.  Two images were spliced.  The final image is very large. Our ride back to Boston. Inside a nine-seater Cessna.
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  The visibility is good from little planes. Over water. Over land.
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smgh_day04_32.jpg (5226 bytes) smgh_day04_35.jpg (4924 bytes) smgh_day04_36.jpg (5428 bytes) smgh_day04_42.jpg (6864 bytes)
  Landing at Boston's Logan Airport Up high over Boston Harbor.  In the big plane again (Continental 7xx). A last look back at Boston.


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