CEEE TeacherTECH Goals

The Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) is proud to sponsor TeacherTECH '02, the teacher training component of GirlTECH. During TeacherTECH's initial two-week training period, held June 3 through June 14, 2002 at Rice University in Houston, Texas, participating teachers from the Houston area will receive intensive technology training and explore innovative teaching strategies that impact equity in the classroom. Through TeacherTECH, teachers.

You can apply to this program for the year 2002 by submitting your application online.

The rationale behind the Women's Initiative underscores the importance of creating personalized interaction between high school women and college women. By meeting female role modes in EECS, high school women will be more likely to seriously consider these fields as career options. High school women identify more closely with college students than with college recruiters and industry professionals. Showing enthusiasm MIT women have for their work and demonstrating their projects will help combat the notion that EECS are boring, and uninteresting fields.

America can't compete, unless she can.  Learn about the impact of gender bias and the paths to equity from the AAUW Educational Foundations groundbreaking reports.