The students will track the growth of their "adopted" plants in the nature habitat. This will be done in their science class. The students will be able to write some facts about their "adopted" plant. The students will be able to create a one page article about their plant.

Prior Knowledge:
Students will have studied different plants in their science class.
Students should know how to use a digital camera. Students should be able to download their digital pictures to a folder.

This lesson will use word processing, digital photography, and spreadsheets.
The end product will be a one page article that includes a photo of the plant, a graph showing growth of the plant, and a few paragraphs describing the plant what it needs to grow.

Time Period:
Three 45 minute classes

Students will keep track of the adopted plant in the natuare habitat over a period of four weeks during science class. Students will take digital photographs of the plant each week. They will measure and record the growth of the plant during that time. During computer lab, the students will create a graph using a spreadsheet showing the recorded plant growth. During the next computer lab time the students will type their article describing the plant and what it needs for optimum growth. The students can go the internet to find facts about their plant.

Students will be graded on a rubric. The rubric will include points for writing, graphing, and the digital photo.

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