It is not difficult for the teacher to evaluate an early immigrant during the first week of the course in the year .During the naming lesson, the teacher is trying to build in the student the necessary confidence to succeed and be comfortable with his own English language development. For this reason, the teacher has the arduous task to observe every detail possible in each of the students. The student has to attend every day if they want to obtain the maximum grade of 100.
The student will accumulate the necessary points to pass the ESL first week lesson as long as they complete in detail the activities that are marked day by day. The student will also have to take a simple quiz that counts 20% of the entire week's grade.

What are the Details?
ESL first week lessons is the opportunity to find out about their handwriting if they have one, their ability to look up for words in the dictionary, the way they present their work, the interest or motivation they have to study their new English language in this country.

If the students attends the five days, but does not complete the assessments, the student will get the minimum base grade established in the school .