I've Got Your Number


Overhead transparancy of 100 Chart
Overhead marker


Begin using this as a large group activity.
Choose one student to stand at the overhead and mark clues as given by other students.

Your teacher is thinking of a number on this 100 Chart. Your job is to try to find that number by asking questions that can only be answered by "yes" or "no".

Example questions:

  • "Is it an odd number?"
  • "Is it a multiple of ten?"
  • "Is the number less than ten?"

One student will keep tract of each question by marking through any number that is eliminated.

Try to find the number in the fewest number of guesses.

After you have used this as a large group activity, you can use it as a small group activity by passing out 100 Chart worksheets to each student. Have them work in pairs or small groups to guess each member's number.