Instructions: Go to the Fun Fact States website and get the state name, state capital, date of statehood, and population. Using the unorganized data that you gather from the Fun Fact States website, create a spreadsheet organizing and displaying the information in a way that is more easy to read and comprehend.



Example of Unorganized Data: Students Birthdates

Carolyn Rodriguez, March 22, 1983, 19 years old; John Matthews, January 15, 1979, 21 years old; Elaine O'Henry, June 27, 1988, 14 years old; David Williams, September 30, 1991, 11 years old; Sidney Matorano, April 4, 1967, 35 years old; Chris Richardson, December 17, 1997, 5 years old

Example of a Spreadsheet Organizing the Data:



Unorganized Data: Fun Fact States website


Create a Spreadsheet:

Using the data that you have collected from the Fun Fact States website, create a spreadsheet in the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet below to organize the data collected.

***First, you need to to click on the export to Excel icon on the Tool Bar, and save the spreadsheet either on your computer or on a floppy disk as an Excel file. Do this first in order to ensure that the data that you input in the spreadsheet is saved. If you do not save first and you leave this page (e.g., by clicking the "Back to Home Page" or the "Go to Instructions for the Student"), you will lose all of the information that has been put in the spreadsheet.


Once you have put the information in the Excel spreadsheet below, experiment with different ways to organize the state data. For example, alphabetize the states by state name or state capital, rank states by date of statehood or population.


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