Equally distribute the stack of equation flash cards between the two players and place them in a stack face down on the table. This is their draw stack. Each player looks at the first card, without showing his or her opponent. They slide the cover strip over one of the numbers in the equation. The players show each other the equation card and they both try to solve for the covered value of the card they are shown. If they are successful they win the card. A time limit to solve the problem should be set by the teacher.

          Paper strip 
7 + m = 10

             Paper strip 
9 x 3 = w

View the flash cards I have provided above or create your own. Any mathematical sentence can be written on the front of the equation flash card. Use a strip of paper 3 cm wide and 15 cm long as the cover strip. Fit the strip loosely around the equation flash card and paste or tape the strip together on the back so that it can slide to different positions. Write a variable on the strip as in the examples above, m and w.


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