Each activity could be set up at a different station or you can plan one activity a day. You could work in pairs one holds the meter stick the other assists with placing his or her finger on the ground as a marker. You may even decide on additional activities of your choice.

Measure how many meters each distance measures below:
  1. 6 friends joined hand to hand ____________________________________________
  2. The distance of 3 summersaults ____________________________________________
  3. The distance 5 students are lying on the ground head to toe ________________________________
  4. The distance you can throw a wadded up piece of paper ____________________________________
  5. How far you can throw a softball with your left hand if you are right handed, or right hand if you are left handed ____________________________________________
  6. How far you paper airplane can fly ____________________________________________
  7. The distance you can walk with your math book balanced on your head ________________________


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