Business Ventures

Paulette Bogert
Lanier Middle School
8th Grade - Semester II

     The study of entrepreneurship offers 8th graders the opportunity to use a blend of academic, technological, and interpersonal skills to create and manage a small business. In keeping with Lanier's Middle Years Programme, the class will incorporate approaches to learning; community service, health and social education, environment, and homo faber. The students form teams to brainstorm for a business idea, research their market, locate the best supplier, create advertising using a variety of media, manage their personnel, and sell the product. During spring semester 2001(the first year this course was offered), the following student-created businesses opened for business and made profits: Flower Girls, B & G Services, Yearbook Pages, the Glowstix Group, and Big Daddy's School Supplies. Proceeds from these businesses will be used to fund the next year's new enterprises.

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UNIT 1 - Going into Business for Yourself

Ch. 2: Your Potential as an Entrepreneur
Ch. 3: Recognizing Opportunity
Ch. 4: Global Opportunities

UNIT 2 - Researching & Planning Your Venture
Ch. 5:
Ch. 6:
Ch. 7:
Ch. 8:
UNIT 3- Managing Marketing Strategies
Ch. 9:
Ch. 10:
Ch. 11:
Ch. 12:
Ch. 13:
UNIT 4- Managing Your Business Processes
Ch. 14:
Ch. 15:
Ch. 16:
Ch. 17: Ch. 18:
UNIT 5- Managing the Finances of Your Business
Ch. 19:
Ch. 20:
Ch. 21:
UNIT 6- Growing Your Business
Ch. 22:
Ch. 23:
Ch. 24:

Special thanks to:  Our principal, Mr. Tom Monaghan, for initiating this course and supporting it with materials and good humor.

References: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management textbook & Internet user's guide and handbook.

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