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My family recently relocated to Shreveport, LA where my wife has been selected as the new Principal for Sunset Acres Elementary School in the Caddo Parish Schools. Our son, Stephen, is enjoying being enrolled in Fairfield Elementary Fundamental Magnet School. Fairfield is a science magnet and is associated with the Galaxy Science Network (??).  We've been told that they have a wonderful web page for the students to visit, but they have not sent the link information to us yet and I have not found it on my own (sorry!)

Stephen thinks his 3rd grade teacher is wonderful.  Among other things, she has a Masters degree in computers.  She definitely did not stop because of the computer and technology "gender equity" gap. His class will be learning to use some of the same software used by the members of the TeacherTech Group.

This page is a part of  Rice University CRPC's GirlTECH program. Anyone who is interested in gender equity in education, should visit the GirlTECH home page.  The people in the GirlTECH program are all working toward gender equity in education with a focus on technology.  Working with this group has been very interesting for me.  The questions they have given to me have often proven to be difficult and as a result they have challenged me to improve my knowledge and skills.

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GirlTECH is made possible by support from the National Science Foundation through EOT-PACI, RGK Foundation, the Verizon Foundation, Rice University, and HiPerSoft.


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