Texas Weather Report

Materials Needed for this ProJect:

A computer with an Internet connection
The lesson works well on a Macintosh as well as a Windows machine.
A web browsing program
Netscape or Windows Explorer are commonly used.
Chapters 2 & 3 from Texas, Our Texas
Focus on the sections dealing with the Texas climate and the location of the natural regions/subregions of Texas.
A spreadsheet program for posting weather data from major Texas cities
Clarisworks and Excel are both good choices.
Did you know. . .

Assignment due at the end of the first week

  1. Observe selected weather sites on the Web to collect temperature and precipitation data for the following Texas cities: Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, El Paso, Amarillo, and Texarkana.
  2. Review the hints for entering date into your spreadsheet.
  3. Study the maps of the Texas natural regions, subregions, and cities in Chapter 3.
  4. Working with your partner, create a spreadsheet where you post the highest recorded daily temperature and amount of precipiation for each of your cities. One student may consult the Web site while the other posts the data.
  5. Lesson extension: After you have completed your spreadsheet, create a chart to graphically display your data.
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