"It takes an entire village to raise a child."

-African Proverb-


I believe that all children can learn given the appropriate instructions, curriculum, approaches, opportunities and nurturing. Change is everywhere; progress is not. The educational community should be the vehicle of change and be willing to undergo a transformation before progress is made. Change in education must be ongoing and should foster independednt learning by raising the consciousness of the learner. These invariable changes must include making schools more learner-centered, creating authentic and constructive learning situations, developing innovative teaching and learning practices, and forging a partnership that includes community, and family. Change must take place on all levels. Schools must become settings in which teachers invite students to search for understanding, appreciate uncertainty, and inquire responsibly. Schools can be structured in ways to honor a facilitate the construction of knowledge.

We live in a world rich in diversity. We are people who look different, live in different types of houses, eat different types of foods, appreciate different types of arts, wear different clothes, and behave in different ways. Classrooms today are filled with children from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Multiculturism gives students the opportunities to learn about themselves and their histories. Through studying heritages, customs, and traditions, children realize that they are unique and different and that uniqueness and differences in others must be valued as well.

With the development of the Internet and practical online applications, both students and teachers are discovering new ways of learning and receiving information. The educational system can no longer depend on the teacher as the sole model of learning. The Internet allows the learner and teacher both the think about the knowledge. The teacher should be viewed as the learned,guiding land in the students' process of the discover of knowledge. Students and teachers must now learn to think about identifying those resources that have before been unfamilar and unavailable to them. The Internet has the capability to enhance and transform the education process.


--Every education teaches a philosophy; if not by dogma then by suggestion,by implication, by atmosphere. Every part of that education has a connectionwith every other part. If it does not all combine to convey some general view of life, it is not an education at all.

G. K. Chesterton



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