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"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."
William Butler Yeats

        The purpose of this site is to serve as a resource for high school physics teachers and students.
        Descriptions of different projects and class activities can be found in lessons and projects. These include The Egg Drop Contest, The Fettucini Bridge Project, The Cardboard Boat Regatta, The Tower of Straws, and The Electric House. These are projects that have been successfully done in my physics classes.
        Lecture notes for my students are found in lecture notes.
        Sample Problems for my students are found in sample problems link. These are the guided practice problems that students complete in class. No answers are included.
        Homework, projects, and interesting Internet sites are found in syllabus.
        A brief biography of Peggy E. Schweiger can be found at biography.
        Students use lab forms to submit their individual responses to the labs performed in class. Lab groups post their data and graphs for their labs on the Internet.
        Weekly schedules showing assignments and due dates for both Physics I-Honors and Physics AP can be found at Weekly Schedule.

        A description of my policy for writing college and scholarship recommendations can be found at Policy.

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