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Suggestions for Correcting Problems Encountered in 1998 Regatta

  1. Lining Up Boats by Heats: Preassign heats. Contestants in heats 1-5 are responsible for their boat being in the designated area at the beginning of the race.

  2. Heat Schedule: Heats will run according to this schedule--No faster!
    A heat will be scheduled every five minutes. Students will follow this schedule, knowing exactly where their boat must be. Boats will move into the pool area at the scheduled times.

  3. Returning Paddles to the Start End
    One member of each team will be predesignated to return the paddles back to a designated person in the start area. Each team is accountable for the paddles that they use during their heat. If they are broken during your use, the team will be charged for their replacement.
    No heat shall begin until all paddles from the previous heat are accounted for.

  4. Recording Times
    A member will be designated from each team to report their team's time. A person will be in the deep end area of the pool recording times. Times must be recorded before the start of the next heat.

  5. Disposal of Boats
    After the finish of each heat, all boats will be removed from the finish area. Boats will be taken outside through the doors in the deep end area. Teams must fold up boats and put them into the designated receptacle. Monitors will ensure that this is done.