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walking pedestrian

EGGS On My Head!!

walking pedestrian

target As a physics teacher, I will do anything to get my students to learn and to apply the kinematics equations and concepts learned in the classroom. A very effective way is to give the students the opportunity to target the physics teacher on the head with an egg. The egg is dropped from a tower as I walk under it. Dropping an egg on the teacher's head is quite an incentive to try to discover a successful solution to the problem proposed. Since students are interested and eager to analyze the project after the drop, give students the opportunity to discuss their results.

I describe the activity to the students at the beginning of our study on two-dimensional motion. I do not tell them how to solve the problem, only that what they learn in the classroom will enable them to do it. I do not tell them what information that they need to obtain in order to solve the problem. I provide the information when asked only when asked.

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targetThis project is based upon an activity by Doug Forrest described in The Physics Teacher, volume 37/number 6, pages 371-372.