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Questions for Tower of Straws Lab

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All answers must be in complete sentences. Remember, you must submit a drawing of your tower with dimensions labeled.
  1. Calculate the total mass of your tower. Show all work.

  2. Describe what you did to make your tower more stable. How did you arrange your straws? Why did you arrange them this way? Where did you place your clay? Why?

  3. Use the concepts of torque and center of gravity to explain what made your tower fall.

  4. What would you have done differently to produce a higher and more stable tower? Specifically describe what you would have done to the tower's center of gravity and how this would alleviate problems with torque.

Record the following data:

Number of straws used.

Average mass of one straw.

Mass of straws used.

Total mass of clay.

Mass of clay unused.

Mass of clay used.

Height of tower.

Degree of lean achieved.