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By their nature, these lists are probably incomplete already. Sites already mentioned in the separate list of portraits may not be included here as well. I am using ``*'' to indicate links to large collections or collections which are complete on their own terms (eg a list of all two dozen portraits of Newton would get a star even if it was just one page.)

Newton himself


These are in no particular order except that Westfall wrote the best biography of Newton in print. Figures in brackets are the total number of characters in the HTML page.

Newton's Theology

I get a lot of mails asking for links to WWW resources about Newton's Theology. These are all the links I have. Honest. I would welcome any more about Newton, but not pages like ``Newton was a genius and believed in x; therefore x is a true.'' In fact the Atheism Web uses Newton as an example of the fallacy of Appeal to Authority.

The Scientific Revolution

(Most major figures have entries in the Catalog of the Scientific Community: 16th and 17th Century, Mathematicians of the 17th and 18th Centuries and/or MacTutor History of Mathematics)

Calendars and Chronology

Ancient and contemporary texts

Most of these books were found using Alex, an index of electronic texts on the Internet. However The On-line Books Page is probably more up to date now.

Linguistic Reference Works

Libraries, Museums and Collections: Virtual and Real

With ``newton'' in the name

These make searching for isaac newton with Lycos or Webcrawler more of a challenge.


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