Cluster 7C Goal

To foster a safe community of learners in which students can reach
their optimum potential and their personal goals.

Core Teachers

  • English - Mrs. Goodman, ext. 429 
  • Math - Ms. Wiggins (Cluster leader), ext. 481 
  • Science - Ms. Fegen, ext. 460 
  • Texas History - Mr. Maxwell, ext. 449 

English: English students are busy analyzing poetry and writing original poems.  We will soon begin a unit on classical mythology  in which we will be writing a compare/contrast paper.  As usual, we will continue working on grammar and sentence structure.

A reminder that the TAAS reading test will be given on April 25, and the Stanford 9 test will be administered the last week of February.

Math:  We are actively engaged in geometry, having recently completed the "design a mall" project and now involved in a school-wide problem, "How many tetrahedra will fit into our classroom?"  We still have circles, spheres, cones and cylinders to explore, as well as the Pythagorean theorem.

Science: We will be learning about the theory of plate tectonics to explain what causes earthquakes and volcanos.
Texas History: In the next several weeks we plan to explore Texas geography and weather.  We will also spend time focusing on maps and map reading skills.

Cluster Conference Time

Red Days 2nd Period (11:00 to 11:30)

To schedule a cluster conference, contact Ms. Wiggins at 713/942-1900 ext. 481
or e-mail me at

You may e-mail any of the following teachers by clicking on his or her address:
Ms. Fegen at
Mr. Maxwell at
Mrs. Goodman at
Ms. Wiggins at