Okay, Kids... Pay Attention!

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Materials for Class

Textbook: You must have your textbook every day.

Folder with pockets and brads: This will remain in the classroom and will contain blank notebook paper, as well as all graded papers, worksheets, and notes. It can be taken home with teacher approval.

Stock market folder: This is for all your stock information. It will stay with you ( don't lose it).

Pencils: Two or more pencils with erasers should be brought to class each day, regardless if one is mechanical or not (believe it or not, mechanical pencils do break and run out of lead).

Inexpensive calculator: Occasionally we will use a classroom set of graphing calculators, but other calculators will be allowed when necessary (and only when authorized by the teacher).

Classroom Expectations

  1. Show respect for everyone in the room.
  2. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
  3. Have only your homework and materials on the table.
  4. Immediately begin the warmup exercise.
  5. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.
  6. No gum or candy is allowed under any circumstances.
  7. Show respect for everyone in the room.
  8. If you miss class, you must turn in the missed assignment the second day you are back.