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Ball Bounce


Objective: Students will look at how different materials affect the bounce of different balls.


Materials: basketball, tennis ball, golf ball, rubberband ball, balloon ball, ping-pong ball

Teaching notes: These are some types of balls I have used and had success with..... you can always make your own list. These are some basic things I did and you can add or delete according to how indepth you want to go. I would ask the students to predict what they think will happen beforehand in order to follow the scientific method. You can write it on the board or have the students write on their own according to ability level.


1. Tape or have a child hold a meter or yard stick against the wall.

2. Have another child stand facing the wall and drop each ball one at a time while another child eyes the peak point of the bounce and records the measurement.

Conclusion/Evalution Questions

1. Does the size of the ball affect the height of the bounce?

2. Does the weight of the ball affect the bounce?

3. Was your prediction accurate?