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Body Movement


Objective: The students will come to understand how the Laws of Motion and Physics can be applied to the human body in terms of body movements.

Suggested Procedure:

1.The students will view the website which gives some vocabulary relating to the physics of body movement.

2.The students will then be given an opportunity to discuss the vocabulary and to experience changing torque and center of gravity in their own body and then with a partner making what I call "human statues". Using the website diagrams, the teacher will ask the students to move and postion their bodies in several different shapes and forms.This is a dance exercise commonly taught. Have the students feel how and where their muscles and centers of gravity change when they move from one position to another. My only caution is to make the students aware of where they can and can not touch another student. Be respectful of those who are sensitive.

Conclusion/Evaluation Questions

1. Define the following vocabulary words: movement, torque, momentum, velocity, centrifugal force, center of gravity, friction, angular velocity, friction, push, pull and space (relating to the area around a person)

2. Have students discuss the effects of moving their centers of gravity.

3. Have students discuss how the forces and center is changed when you are with a partner.