"How To" Make a Spider

Robin Henry
Las Americas Middle School
Science, Math and Writing
     This lesson could be appropriate for grades one through three.

Topic: My lesson will cover beginning a "How To" composition.  

Purpose: I want the students to be able to write a short set of directions telling someone "how to" make a "cookie spider".

Materials: For this lesson you will need to make the Cookie Spiders from the recipe I found posted on a web site for kids. The recipe calls for each child to have peanut butter, ritz crackers, M&Ms, pretzel sticks and something to spread the peanut butter.

Prior knowledge: Students will need to know the basic body parts of the spider.

Description: Using the knowledge of the spider's basic body parts, the students will build an "edible" spider.

Time: This lesson should take approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

Procedure: The students will observe the instructor as he or she models putting the "spider" together. After they have observed the procedure, each student will make a spider of their own to eat. From there the students will make a graphic organizer which lists the materials and steps that were followed during the demonstration. This will be a time for students to collect vocabulary as well as discuss sequence and layout of the paper. This lesson is only the beginning porti on of the total project. Once they have made their cookie spiders, the students will follow up with prewriting activities and then do the actual writing of a "how to" composition.  

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