Installing a Hard Drive

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Student Evaluation

OK, now to see if you did everything allright...

  • Did you correctly jumper the HDD?
  • Did you mount it in the chassis with the correct screws?
  • Did the power and data cables go on easily and correctly?
  • Did the PC boot to the floppy and allow you to partition and format the drive?
  • Did the PC's operating system recognize the new drive and allow you to access it?

Well then you are five by five on the non-screw up scale!!!!!

Whassat???  Somethin' didn't work???  Bogus Dude!  Backup and check out each step to see if you missed something or (more likely) it was sabatoge by the nerd in the second row. on the Conclusion link to your left to bring this all to a (what else?) conclusion!

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