I recently had the opportunity to visit Japan in October 2005 as part of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program , a teacher program sponsored by the Government of Japan.
Through the program teachers from all across the United States have the opportunity of a short term tour of Japan.
The goal of the program is to increase understanding between the people of Japan and those in the United States. While on the three-week visit to Japan, we visited elementary, middle, and high schools. We learned about the system of government in Japan, we spent time with wonderful host families, and we ate Japanese food. I even learned (and almost perfected) using chop sticks!

I visited the city of Nagaoka in the Prefecture of Niigata. I was there for about nine days. As part of experiencing life in Japan I spent some time with my host family, the Oguros. They taught me calligraphy, Japanese writing, and they also taught me some origami. I experienced first hand life in a Japanese home.

Sincere appreciation to my host and friend, Yuko and her parents Mr. and Mrs. Oguro.

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Remi Willoughby