Do you ever wonder how kids your age live in other parts of the world? Do you wonder about what they eat, how they dress, what they do in school? What do they do for fun?
In this unit you will have the opportunity to study about Japan and answer most of the questions above and perhaps some more.

The assignment:

You will present your findings either as a PowerPoint, book, or brochure.

You will use the Internet and other available resources to research the following topics:

Location, Population, Money


Customs and Language

Sports and Celebration

Food, Art, and Music


Llandmarks or historical places in Japan for example Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower, or any other of your choice.

Other questions to consider:

Where is Japan?

How far is Japan from Houston?

How many regions are there?

How many Prefectures are in Japan?

What type of government do they have in Japan?

Click here to view some of the students' work samples.




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