This project is designed for students in grades 3-5 because of the extent of reading involved in the research. Students enjoy finding information about other countries, and they will be able to see how very much alike we are regardless of our country.

Students had the opportunity to see some items that I rought back from Japan. For example they were fascinated by the coke can I brought from Japan. I wore my kimono to demonstarte for students. I believe that my students learned a lot about Japan.

Below are some of the objectives (TEKS) that are covered in the project:

Social Studies:

The student understands the concepts of location, distance, and direction on maps and globes

The student understands the concept of regions


The student uses appropriate computer-based productivity tools to create and modify solutions to problems.

The student is expected to  use software programs with audio, video, and graphics to enhance learning experiences; and use appropriate software, including the use of word processing and multimedia, to express ideas and solve problems.




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