It’s Still All About Me

Autobiography Project in Word

This project will be an autobiography you write in Word. There will be specific guidelines you must follow because major focus of this project is to learn how to use a word processor and its functions.



Setup Guidelines

You will publish your book when it is completed so it must be set up properly from the start.

  1. Open Word.
  2. Go to File, Page Setup and set the layout to Landscape, go to Margins and set all to 1 inch (top, bottom, left, and right).
  3. Your first page will be your cover. Right now do not spend time on the artwork. We will do graphic design later and you will do the artwork at that time. Simply write the word Title and your name.
  4. You now need to go to the next page – DO NOT HIT RETURN A BUNCH OF TIMES
    make a page break by going to Insert, Break, and Page Break.
  5. The page after your title page will have your acknowledgments and copyright information. For right now leave this page blank and insert another page break.
  6. The next page (the third page in your document) will begin your first chapter.
  7. Center the words “Chapter 1” hit return twice to leave a blank line and then begin typing chapter 1.


Fonts – Choose either Times New Roman or Comic Sans for your text - your titles can be a different font.


Use size 14-point type for your text - your titles can be larger.


Indent the beginning of paragraphs with a tab.


Use 1.5 line spacing. (You format your line spacing by highlighting the text and going to format paragraph and making the line spacing 1.5)


Leave an extra line space between your chapter titles and the text.



Chapter 1

My Birth - Where were you born? How much did you weigh? How many inches tall? Who was there? Were there any unusual stories about your birth? What was happening in the world at the time? What was the weather like? Who was the president? What kind of car did your parents have? What was their favorite movie? Song?


Chapter 2

My First Memory - Write about your first memory. You may not remember everything so ask someone who may also remember to help you fill in the gaps.


Chapter 3

My First Day of School - What school? Where was it? How did you feel and what do you remember about the other students? How did you get there?


Chapter 4

My Funniest Memory - What is it? Describe what happened. Tell when, where, how, and who.


Chapter 5

My Saddest Memory - What is it? Why is it your saddest memory? Did you learn anything from this sad memory?


Chapter 6

My Family - Describe the different people in your family. What kinds of things do you do together? What makes your family unique?


Chapter 7

A Day in My Life – Describe a day in your life. How are the weekdays and the weekends different? What do you like to do most? What do you really dislike? (This is where you will use your pie charts.)


Chapter 8

The Most Influential Person or People in My Life - Who are they? Describe how you know them and how you relate to them. How do you think your life has changed because of them? How did this person/people influence you?


Chapter 9

How I Feel About My Age – How old are you? Is this a good age? What are the good things and bad things of being your age? Ideally, what age would you like to be?


Chapter 10

What is Important to Me - What is it the most important thing to you? Why is this so important to you?


Chapter 11

The World’s Biggest Problem - What do you believe is the world’s biggest problem? Any ideas on how you could change it?


Chapter 12

My Future - Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? What will you be doing? Where will you live? What will be important to you? What type of person will you be? How do you think you will get there from where you are now?


About the Author

Tell us a little bit about yourself-age, school, favorites, and anything else you would want your readers to know about you.

Include a digital picture of yourself.


Use the boarders and clipart to make your book more interesting. Use the original art you created for your I AM Power Point. Your I AM Power Point can be used as a resource to help you write your chapters.  You may not use artwork from the Internet. You may bring in photographs to scan. You may also take a digital photograph of yourself to use, and you may come to me to borrow a digital camera.