Ronda Ogden
Teague Middle School
Subjects: History & Computer Literacy grade: 7-8

Topic: The impact that women have made in America. 

Purpose: Increase student's awareness of women's contributions to the world while learning additional word proccessing and Internet search skills.

Materials: Computers with Internet access.

Prior knowledge: Word Processing Skills & Internet Search Strategies

Description: Students will research American women that have made a difference in the world and then create a front page article in a newspaper with this information.

Time: 2-3 class periods

Procedure: Students will choose an American women from my webpage. American Women They will click on the links provided to learn information to get started and then use a search engine to find out additional information. Students will then create a newspaper article about the women's accomplishment. The newspaper article should be headline news written as if the event has just occured.  

Suggested URLs pertaining to lesson: 
Distinguished Women Past and Present
Women in American History
National Women Hall of Fame
National Women's History Project

Extension: Additional articles will be created for the newspaper. They can be other current events, sports, fashion or advertising.
Special thanks to:  Molly Silba and TeacherTech for their guidance on this webpage.

Reference: Amazing American Women, 40 Fascinationg 5-Minute Reads by Kendall Haven 1995 Libraries Unlimited, Inc. and its division Teacher Ideas Press Englewood, Colorado ISBN 1-56308-291-8

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