Rose Cleveland
Milby High School
Subject: Computer Science
Topic: Research and Internet Skills
June 19, 1997

Purpose: Students will use the Internet to research facts about Titan.

Description: Students will obtain facts about Titan by going to The Nine Planets page at


1. Select An Overview of the Solar System from the Contents section of The Nine Planets page. List the elements of the solar system and the five planets of the outer solar system.

2. Scroll down to the More General Overview section, select Your Weight on Other Worlds, another neat calculator from the Exploratorium . Enter your weight and then record your weight on the planets MERCURY, VENUS, THE MOON, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE, and PLUTO.

3. Scroll up and select Titan from the Contents section. In Greek mythology who were the Titans?

4. In relation to Saturn what is Titan?

5. Describe the atmosphere of Titan.

6. Describe Titan's surface temperature.