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Teaching Background


My name is Roslyn A. Harris. I am a 5th grade teacher at Eiland Elementary School, Klein ISD. Eiland elementary is located in Houston, TX. This school year (1997-1998) will be my third year teaching. I truly enjoy teaching and learning with my students!




I was born in Chicago, IL. But, consider my hometown to be St. Francisville, LA. This town, located approximately 30 miles north of Baton Rouge, LA, is well known for it's scenic routes and antebellum homes. I currently reside in Cypress, TX, with my husband and two-year-old son.


Education Background


I received my B.S. in Business Management/Marketing from Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA. And my MBA from Amber University, Garland, TX. Graduate school is were I meet my wonderful husband!


Special Interest


I enjoy reading interesting books, decorating, watching woman's basketball (the Comets), watching football (the Dallas Cowboys) and caring for my wonderful family.



Position Statement: It is my position as a teacher that the use of the tools of technology is integral to the learning and teaching of students, specifically in mathematics, science, and technology. Students should have access to technology as a tool for processing information, visualizing and solving problems, exploring and testing conjectures, accessing data, and verifying their solutions.







Every classroom where teaching is occurring should have at least one computer for demonstrations, data acquisition, and other student use at all times.


As technology develops, schools should be prepared to adapt to the changes and constantly upgrade hardware, software, and curriculum to ensure that learning is relevant and current.


Professional development of technology for teachers should be top priority. The preparation of teachers should require designing technology-integrated classroom and laboratory lessons that promote interaction among the students, technology, and herself.


Students underrepresented in mathematics, science, and technology - based fields of study should be full participants in all aspects of these fields. Students should be encouraged to study in these fields.


As an educator, I will explore and implement innovative ways to convince students and families from these groups of the vital importance of taking mathematics, science, and computer science courses.









Promote the integration of current technologies and other tools for learning in mathematics, science, and computer curricula, instruction, and assessment.


Create a climate in my classroom that demonstrates respect for, and a valuing of, diversity


Stimulate students' interests in mathematics and science.


Recruit potential leaders and provide and promote leadership opportunities in my school for students from diverse groups.


Encourage adequate support for professional development of technology for teachers.


Support family and community involvement as it relates to the implementation of the best practices for the classroom.


Continue to collaborate and communicate with the CRPC (Center for Research on Parallel

Computation) participants. Rice University sponsors this splendid program, through a grant from the National Science Foundation. Resources here are extraordinary.


Stay abreast of current technology for the classroom by attending conferences and becoming affiliated with professional groups.