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Chips Ahoy


This site presents Nabisco and celebrity judge, Bill Nye, the science guy. They're asking kids and adults alike to come up with the most creative way to confirm that there are 1,000 chips in every 180z. bag of America's favorite chocolate chip cookie. $25,000 in scholarships and other prizes are awarded .

There are also tasty lessons to use in the classroom.


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Club Girl TECH


Hey girls, are you ready to begin an Internet adventure? Well, this award-winning site will take you there! This site has been designed especially for girls to encourage you to follow your dreams. Dr. Janese Swanson is the founder and CEO of Girl Tech, a company started in 1995, to bring girls and technology together. She invented the Yak-Bak ™ ( a cool toy) and produced software for kids like: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Treehouse, and Playroom. Dr. Swanson has six college degrees in education!!!!


The goal of Girl Tech is to educate girls so they are not afraid of technology and to help create technology that is girl-friendly.


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Family Math!!!


This site is great for parents, teachers, scientists, librarians, and community educators.


Family Math is a family-based program developed by EQUALS, at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA.


Family Math goal: To encourage underrepresented groups (especially girls and minority students) to enter careers that use mathematics. Family Math shows parents that there is more that they can do to help their children than say, "Have you done your homework? How did you do on the test today?"


Key Ingredients of the program: fun, career awareness, equity, community involvement, variety of mathematical topics, cultural self-awareness, teaching with hands-on strategies, exploration and not lecturing, communication, parenting skills and discovery.

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Internet for Educators


This award-winning site inspires educators and help alleviate fears of technology in the classroom. It has super links to educational sites as well.

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Math Forum



Intel Digital Education and Arts Program

Intel Corporation


Intel has a national education program designed to increase technology literacy among middle school students and inspire them to learn more about the science behind computers/ Intel has a FREE kit called The Journey Inside: The Computer. It gives students an inside view of the computer. The kit is designed to be easy to use regardless of your technology background, what kinds of computers yours students use, or even if your school doesn't have any computers at all. You can order it by calling 800 346 3029 ext. 143. Tell them I sent you!!