Nobel Mathematicians
An internet-based enrichment activity about mathematicians who have made significant contributions in the field of mathematics with a emphasis on women and minorities


Time Travel in Houston
If we can travel to the moon and back, why is it so hard to travel to the other side of Houston? An internet activity that utilizes Houton, Texas' Transtar real-time traffic records and historical traffic data to graph and interpret traffic flow and speed.


Scheme Programming in Computer Science
Web-based computer sciencelessons based on the Scheme programming languange. Utilizes the Dr. Scheme interface and "How to Design Programs" online book available at no cost through PLT. Many thanks to Mr. Jack Crouch at Mable Falls ISD for the use of his materials in helping to create these lessons.

Logarithms - Not a New MP3 Player
We will investigate the definition of logrithms and how these "recipes" help us in math and computing sciences.

Allison - Tropical Statistics
We will invetsigate mean, median and mode utilizing data from the tropical storm Allison.





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