Click on the links below to view Language Arts web sites.
Award Winning Children's Lit. Search by Rhyme Zone A reference tool and search engine
  grade level and setting, by historical period,   for words. Includes the functions of a rhyming
  year, keyword, and award to find books.   dictionary, thesaurus,spelling checker and more.
Webtime Stories Online stories with graphics WordBall A word game that simulates baseball.
  and sound. Organized by Myths and Fairy Tales,   Visitors compete against the program trying to
  Great Books, Young Adults, and Just for Fun.   create words with the greatest letter value. This page links to sites that teach Fun Brain Words A collection of games covering
  students to solve and create mysteries.   punctution, spelling, grammar and vocabulary.
Hurst's Children's Lit. This is a collection of  
  book reviews, ideas of ways to use them and    
  activities about particular subjects and themes.    
Quia Activities A collection of games covering  
  punctution, spelling, grammar and vocabulary.    


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