Opening PowerPoint:

The first time you open up PowerPoint you will need to choose a Blank Presentation.

Afterwards you will Open your existing presentation from your PowerPoint folder.


Now Click OK.


Inserting Clip Art & Text Slides:

Choose the Clip Art & Text slide.


Click OK.


Insert 5 Clip Art & Text slides.

Insert Word Art:

First Click on the dotted line that surrounds the title box on your slide. Now Click delete. Click on the Word Art icon on the drawing toolbar. (It's the circled blue A.)This window will pop up. Choose a Word Art style.

Entering Text:

Enter your text. You can change the font style and size. Make sure your text can be read by your audience. Now click OK.

Inserting an Image:

Click in the Clip Art box ONCE. Go to Insert, Picture, From File and Find the picture you want to insert. It should be in your Self-Portrait folder.

IMPORTANT: If you can not insert your picture and you receive a graphic filter message, you must do some work in PhotoShop first.

Formatting your Background:

You have many background formatting choices. If you choose More Colors, select Standard colors only.

Formatting your Background(Part2):

Selecting Fill Effects will give you many more choices of backgrounds. Experiment with the Gradient tab. You can choose different colors and Shading styles. Check out the Preset styles.

Formatting your Background(Part3):

Experiment with the Texture tab. You can choose different textures.

Formatting your Background(Part4):

Experiment with the Pattern tab. You can choose different patterns and vary the colors.

Describing Your Portrait:

Write a one paragraph description of your portrait. Include the type of software you used to create your project (not your slide). Describe what the effect does to your image