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Eagle Credits Page


  1. My lovely wife, teacher and best friend, Shivaughn N. Batiste who sticks by me every step of the way.
  2. Special thanks to Chuck Isner, Ambassor and local officer for the Texas State Teacher Association for providing information to educational websites such as .
  3. To my loving wife, Shivaughn Nicole of over 3 years of marriage and 5+ years of happiness together.
  4. Hilena Vargas for her kind, thoughtful heart and for making me stay focused while in lectures. To her, I pledge to limit my time spent checking e-mail when others are talking.
  5. Susan Boone, for her nurturing master teacher style, hands-on innovative lessons and a smile that Mona Lisa would be envious of.
  6. Barbara Chistopher for her knowledge, expertise and patience in teaching web design. She hears every sigh in the room, and response accordingly.
  7. Micheal Sirois for his insight, willingness to tackle difficult questions and a legacy of teaching by example. Unfailing was his energy in the TeacherTECH program.
  8. To all my friends in Fort Bend and the Houston Independent School District who enlightened me in so many ways.
  9. Dr. Judith Lapoint of Quebec, Canada who thought enough of me...
  10. The National Science Foundation
  11. Rice University's Fondren Library, Symmonds Lab and Duncan Hall facilities. Also, thanks for the web space.
  12. Dr. J. Frieberg for helping to realize that the grass is truly greener on the other side.
  13. Dr. C. Bloom for advocating on my behalf.
  14. Dr. A. Schilt & Dr. H. Waxman for believing.
  15. Dr. D. Prater for helping to make a wise decision in allowing me to pursue my doctorate at the University of Houston. You won't regret it!
  16. Dr. L. Mountain who has shown love, respect and given encouragement throughtout the years.
  17. To all the friends that I've lost along the way, who tried to make it out of dire straights, but some how lost their paddles.
  18. Cheryl Wooten-Morrissette who has shown me nothing but patience, insight and imparted wisdom when no one else did.
  19. Jason Gregory, my mentor of many years who never gave up on me. He was there when everyone else counted me out. As I continue the struggle, he has been a driving force in expert advice on the facts of life in school and the workplace.
  20. Doug TeDuits, a doctoral student and friend that has never been afraid to live by a principle of life not known to many.
  21. Julie Love, a warm individual with a heart for people. Her friendship and insight will be missed greatly.
  22. President Bill Clinton, for being able to look at a camera and do what he did.
  23. The Fifth Ward community, Coke Apartments AKA The Jungle AKA Cleme Manor, Phillis Wheatley High School and many areas that provided the hurdles that I needed to make this journey meaningful.
  24. George Foreman, Barbara Jordan, El Franco Lee, Debby Allen, Donnie Lindsey, and the many great minds that walked the neighborhoods of Fifth Ward.
  25. Mickey Leland, who died for something he believed in, a voice for the poor when they had no voice. Though the politicians of this great city have forgotten you through their actions, you live on in legacy.
  26. Sheleswau Crier, a jewel that once graced the campus of Rice University, where she met her husband Kolis. She has since won the state tae kwon do championship, graduated with a near perfect GPA in math and is moving into her third year of law school at Yale University. Did I mention she has five kids? YOU GOOOOOO GIRL!!! (Kolis, she owes a great deal to the fact you support her like you do.)
  27. Uncle Dwayne and Aunt Elsie who never seem to forget me when a family function is going on. I own a lawn mower because of uncle Dwayne, and my wife has a true friend because of aunt Elsie.
  28. In memory of Mr. Meloncon, a teacher at Wheatley that dared me to step out of my comfort zone.
  29. Mr. E. Orum, former pricipal at Wheatley that empowered students to excel, to make decisions and to stand up for justice! No matter what they tried to do to you, you will always remain our Joe Clark.
  30. Mrs. Waller, my high school English teacher who may not have always known she was making a difference. Because of her, I went on to get a BA degree from one of the number English programs in the county.
  31. Mr. Thornton, who made Spanish fun. You don't know how much you influenced my decisions!
  32. Minkaay, an entering freshman at Rice University that plays the piano, loves helping teachers learn web design and will be majoring in electrical engineering in the Fall. Best wishes Minkaay!
  33. Patrick Perdido, a romantic who was my roommate in Spain.
  34. Cameron White, a UH football player with natural leadership, on and off the field.