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"How to Plan a Lesson"

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Purpose: Teachers will learn to design what they "believe" is a "good" lesson to be used for any grade level. Topical questions follow that will help you as an instructor to devise, better and complete quality lessons that will impress your administrator. Begin by focusing on a discipline or subject if you are an elementary school teacher.


The Subject Area:

The Lesson Title:

The Target Grade Level(s):

A. Goal of Lesson:

B. Objectives of Lesson:


What are your reasons for the objectives stated above?

C. What is the studetn organizational format?

large group / small group / individual

What are your reasons for the format stated above?


D. What instructional delivery will be used? Describe how the instruction will take place below.



What are your reasons for the instructional delivery stated above?


What learning theory/strategy/approach, if any, was used as the basis for the instructional delivery used above?


What instructional materials and/or technologies were used in the instructional delivery used above?

What are the reasons for the use of thes materials and/or technologies?


E. What student evaluation, if any, would occur?

What are the reasons for this evaluation approach?

F. What classroom management approach/strategies would be used for this lesson?

What are the reasons for this management plan?

G. Are there other factors or considerations imporatant in this lesson, e.g., special needs of students, safety, etc.

H. Is this lesson part of a unit?

yes / no ...If so, briefly describe the unit.