Eagle Landing

"The Teacher"

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The Teacher


I live in Texas where the buffalo used to roam, and the unmarried maidens were required to clean the chimney and dust the lamps after a 12-hour school day. That has passed like droplets of dye in the heart of Niagara Falls . Today, instead of “Miss,” “Mrs,” or “Mr,” students can call you whatever they want. Instead of providing staff members with armored vehicles that take off into space at a whim, many school districts overload these super heroes with outdated, trivial paperwork that often lead to meetings, meetings, and more meetings.


My school district is touted among the best in the area, yet there is a severe lack of materials from books to working copier for the… You've guessed…paperwork that we need to be prepared for the meetings, meetings, meetings.


Teachers are leaving this so-called profession where just the other day, I heard a friend say, “If my job doesn't work out, I can always teach!” Thanks for your honesty. Vanishing into the wild blue yonder we go, beating rounded up next to the steers that don't get auctioned off are us TEACHERS.


I am one of this dwindling breed who now realized that my time spent in the classroom is better spent in a lobby somewhere in Washington, D. C.


Each issue of my famed magazine harps about animals in the far reaches of the world; how they are being harmed, disrespected, abused, etc. Yet, this same magazine I pay to have show up once a month says nothing about the slaughter that goes on each day in our nation's schools, the disrespectful harpooning of innocent teachers by our very own politicians. A calculated extermination of teachers into a rapid extinction.


Do me a favor Mr. Media Man, please, please, please. The next time you have your meeting, meeting, meeting on what to put in your print space, remember the bald eagle and the American Hero known as Teacher X, differing only in the height once soared.

By Seth Batiste