Research Proposal

Introduction to the Study of Blacks in Mexico and the Cultural Effects of their Status on Educational Attainment, Standards and Academic Inclusion in Relation to Other Populations in Mexico

Research possibilities lie in certain regions in Mexico where societies of "Black Mexicans" exist. Aspects of culture in terms of these social interactions with school systems, educational norms and even standards and standard gaps as they relate to other regions within the country that include, but not be limited to indigenous populations. Subsequent research may be related to current issues faced in the states as they relate to minority peoples and their interaction with social constructs such as educational institutions on all levels.

Black Mexicans do not claim to be from Africa. In fact, very few of them would admit to having any ancestral connections to what early explorers termed "The Dark Continent". However, recent anthropological research suggests a strong correlation, as well as other cultural similarities to african tribes thousands of miles away. Their features are another reason anthropologists beg to differ as their broad noses, hair texture, style of hunting and even dialectal patterns mirror their neighbors across the sea.

Currently, the Mexican government characterizes all citizens as Mexican, observing special laws for indians that preserve culture, and integrity. As a research project, I look to study these intricate relationships between the black Mexican, and society.

Research Topic Chapters

  • Teacher-Student Interactions With The Black Mexicans of Mexico
  • Student-Parent Interactions With The Black Mexicans of Mexico
  • Parent-Administration Interactions With The Black Mexicans of Mexico
  • Teacher-Parent Interactions With The Black Mexicans of Mexico
  • Teacher-Administration Interactions With The Black Mexicans of Mexico

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