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Westside High School, Houston, TX
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Lesson Titles

Portfolios - Web Mastering

Students develop a portfolio that showcases major class projects that were completed throughout the year.   Each student creates a CD that introduces the projects and has a functional navigation system to each of them.

A Functional Housing Market

Students will access the Internet to search for housing prices in Houston, Texas, (the location can be changed to accommodate any location) and compare the prices to the number of square feet found in the living area of a house. A linear equation will be derived from this data on a coordinate plane using the "best- fit" method. Using information from the graph of the data and the equations of the function, students will answer questions about housing prices.

The Internet Pizza Server

 Students will create their own pizza using choices of toppings. They will be able to "order" their creation from the Internet and see their creation. They will use their order to calculate the area of various size pizzas, determine the "better buy", and calculate the cost per topping. Students will also have to use research skills to answer questions pertaining to the Pizza Home Page.


 Students will review the census site on the Internet and gather data regarding trends in population. They will study this data and make predictions on future populations and compare their results with the information available on the Internet.

Designing a Track

Students will investigate track and field dimensions. Using the informat ion gathered from this information, they will determinea  general rule for marking the starting points for the 220 yard (or200 meter) and the 440 yard or (400 meter) race.  Using this generalrule, they will then measure an actual track, compare their general rule to the actual dimensions and construct a scale model.

A Cylinder Workshop

 Students will work with given formulas to solve for specific variables. They will calculate the volume of a cylinder and analyze the change in volume when there is a constant surface area. They will repeat the problem with a constant perimeter.
Students will find the mean and median speed for the Indianapolis 500. Rates per lap will be calculated as well as the length of each lap. Students will need to research information via the Internet.
Houston Area Real-Time Traffic Report
Students will calculate the time needed to travel a certain distance given the rate of speed. This is an ongoing project. Their data will be collected using "real-time" traffic maps of the greater Houston area. Over a period of one week, one month, and one school year, traffic patterns will be studied at various times of the day using Houston's Real-Time Traffic Map supported by Houston Transtar. Students should keep a journal of their collected data and summarize their findings.

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