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Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Development Process

Inspiration document submitted to teacher at the beginning of project

Notes were included for each of the files associated with the site and included in the inspiration document

Text in the note section partially achieves proposal

Evidence of revision of pages); substantially achieves (or explains changes to) proposal

Critical reflection of development process is submitted in writing (individually)

Network Skill

Student has problems bring up their Web Page within a web browser (Netscape, Explorer)

Links are broken and have not been checkin in a browser. Images not saved in .gif or .jpg format; One or more files in wrong location or have wrong file name

All .html files in HTML-creation program; All images .gif or .jpg; All file names and group numbers correct

Running HTML-creation program and web browser simultaineously; efficient use of Internet access programs

Efficient revision: testing changes by switiching between HTML editor and web browser (Netscape or Explorer)

Thinking Process

Disconnected and unrelated thoughts; vague ideas

Concrete description and evaluation; no analysis of causes, no meaning

Description, analysis, meaning, evaluation; identifies problems and solution

Integrates multiple sources of information to assess issue; balances personal and external

Identifies and examines root causes as well as immediate issue; persuasive and convicted

Writing Process

Difficult to understand, tangents, spelling and other errors

Many errors but consistent line of thought

Easy to understand; perfect spelling; one or two grammar, syntax, or semantic problems

Same as Level 3 but no errors

Clear, concise, well written

HTML Skill

No HTML formatting tags; Text is not broken into paragraphs

Text is broken in paragraphs; Headings are used; no other tags

Paragraphs; headings; title ; and the following tags as appropriate: preformatted text ; styles ; centered text ; horiz. rule

Same as Level 3 plus: images > and links

Same as Level 4 plus at least two lists, images as Links, "Return to..." links, colored text/background, background image




Layout has no structure or organization

Text broken into paragraphs and/or sections

Headings label sections and create hierarchy; some consistency

Hierarchy closely follows meaning; Headings and styles are consistent within pages; Text, images, and links flow together

Consistent format extends page-to-page; design is intentional; attention to different browsers and monitor size


No links to each page. No titles for pages

Links are missing from some pages. Some titles missing

Some links are missing, and some pages do not have headers or titles.

Pages have clear order, labeling and navigation between pages; all links work

Introductory Page with other pages branching off, and Navigation path is clear and logical, all links work


No images

Images are unrelated to page/text/proposal; most images were recycled from other pages on the Internet; Images too big/small in size or resolution; Images poorly cropped or have color problems

Images have strong relation to text; some Images are student produced; Images have proper size, resolution, colors, and cropping

Same as Level 3 plus images are from 3 or more sources (scan, CD-ROM, PhotoShop, etc.)

Same as Level 4 with either: more advanced Photoshop, Illustrator work

Source: This Rubric is a modified version of that created by
John Pilgrim, SW Computer Electives, Fall 1995, Horace Mann MS.