Choose the correct answer for each question.

1What is the difference between the highest recorded temperature and the lowest?
The temperature quotient.
The dependent variable.
The range.
The independent variable.
The heat factor.

2Which planet is the warmest?

3What is the main culprit in the greenhouse effect?
All of the glass that building have begun using. The sun's heat is reflected off of them to cause a warming effect.
All of the plastics that are now being used. (That is the reason we used a baggie to model the greenhouse effect).
The removal of all of the trees from the rain forests.
The changes in levels of carbon dioxide.
Cars and factories the emit poisonous gases.

4What type of pattern was formed in the control and the greenhouse experiments.
Variable since the temperatures fluctuated.
Asymmetrical because there was not pattern.
Geometric. If you found just the right number to multiply by, then you would get the next temperature.
Linear. If you put a ruler on the data, then the data points were close to a straight line.

5Predict the carbon dioxcide (in ppm) for the year 2040. (hint: You may need to refer back to page 4 of this investigation)
It will be too high for any device to register.
300 ppm. since the government is really cracking down on the legal amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.
400 ppm. The relationship of the increase of carbon dioxide in ppm is the same as the increase in years.
About 560 ppm. Since the amount is going up, it should double by 2040 since it is twice the number of years from 1920 as 1996 is.