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For curiosity's sake, where are you "hunting" from?

The Internet fosters creativity and provides an outlet for authors, painters, poets, and other artists who might not otherwise have their work exhibited. There are even sites for establised artists.However, just because it's on the Net doesn't mean it's good.


In the Artist's Gallery Icon Trip at CEA, which artist is represented by an eyeball surrounded by clouds?
Choose (Icon #1), from the scavenger hunt found at the beginning of this hunt to begin your search, or you can one of the available search engines.
Path: CEA/Gallery/Artist's Exhibition/Icon Trip..

Write the answer to question one here.

On the other hand, the Internet is becoming increasingly commercial, with major corporations creating home pages to lure passersby. Some are already established, like Wells Fargo, who offer on-live service and promise interactive on-line banking in the future. Some companies have even set up business on the Web. CD Now is a CD/tape seller that is based solely on the Internet, and provides to-your-door delivery. (Watch out for shipping costs.) They also offer a rating system, so you can separate the best from the also-ran.


How much does R.E.M.'s "Automatic For The People"--(CD version)cost?(this is the title of a CD--just incase you needed that hint). How many stars did it rate?
Choose the CD Now (Icon #2) from the scavenger hunt icons.
Path: R.E.M./CD Now/Find Music/Artist - R.E.M. - Perform Search

Write the answers to the second question in the space below.


How many Wells Fargo ATMs are in the "90036" zip code?
Select (Icon #3) from the scavenger hunt.
path:Wells Fargo/Search/ATM Locations/Zip Code - choose 90036 from list/Submit
Write the answer to the third question in the space below.

The Web also provides many useful tools. You can perform searches on material on the Internet. There hasn't been a "card catalog" developed yet, but if you know what you're looking for, you will probably be able to find it.


How many "hits," or references, do you get when you look for "Saint Agnes Academy" using the Net Search button (in the menubar) and the InfoSeek Guide?
Select (Icon #4) from the scavenger hunt.
path: Net Search/InfoSeek Guide location - type in "Saint Agnes Academy" [use the form on the Search guide] - Run Query.

Write the answer to question four in the space below.


What room are the Biochemistry Seminars at Rice University held?
Select (Icon #5) from the scavenger hunt.
path: Rice/Academic Departments/ Biochemistry

Write your answer to question five in the space below.

Some Web stops are nothing but fun. People have created vast quantities of information just for small sectors of the populace. These can be extremely helpful if you need a specific kind of information or have always wanted a digitized picture of a cat.


What's on Wednesday at 9:30PM Central Time on Nickelodeon?
Select (Icon #6) from the scavenger hunt.
path: TV1/Central/then plot your search.

Write the answer to number six in the space below.


How many cans of Pepsi are in the MIT Swiss Coke machine?
Select (Icon #7) from the scavenger hunt.
path: Pepsi/Swiss coke machine/Get statistics on Pepsi - Submit your request

Write the answer to number seven in the space below.


What kind of cat is Gideon?
Select (Icon #7)from the scavenger hunt.

Write the answer to number eight in the space below.

The Internet is also home to a lot of serious material, including many newspapers who have on-line services. Even the President is connected.


According to the Houston Chronicle, how many months before the marathon do runners usually buy their shoes?
Select (Icon #9) from the scavenger hunt.
path:Houston Chronicle/content/houston/interactive/voyager/marathon96/ Methodist Health Care Houston Marathon /Clickable Runner/shoes.This link no longer works. I am searching for another fun site. More later.

Write the answer to number nine in the space below.


Drop a letter to the President, or simply sign the guest book. Your opinion counts!
Go to (Icon #10) from the scavenger hunt.
path:White House/Comments


I hope you enjoyed your romp through the Web. Don't forget to SUBMIT your answers. If you get through quickly, go visit any of the sites in more depth, or look through other areas. (The What's Cool button points to new and interesting stuff.) Remember, it's only information. It can't hurt you. Enjoy.
E-mail Susan Boone any "problems" or suggestions you had with the hunt.