World Wide Web Scavenger Hunt

This activity was created bySusan Boone

Special thanks to Joe Mallon for the great ideas for this hunt. Graphics by Harlan Wallach copyright 1994.

The goal of this "scavenger hunt" is to give each of you on opportunity to explore the Internet. I have tried to select a variety of questions for you to answer and I have suggested various tools for you to "search" for the answers.

It is very important to remember the location of the scavenger hunt "home page". It acts like Home Base in a game of Tag. To get back to the "Hunt Home Base" page after finding the answer to each question, pull down the GO menu and choose Hunt Home Base and you will be instantly transported back to the page with the scavenger hunt questions. (It won't work until you have alaready been there though)


  • NOTE: I wrote this hunt for a teacher inservice. I have not kept it current and have removed the links from my lessons, but I do think it is still a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it.

  • Make a hard copy of your answers to you so you can give them to your teacher.

  • Read each question very carefully. You can either perform a search using one of the search tools available, or you can click on the appropriate icon found at the beginning of the Hunt Home Base page. Be sure you select the appropriate icon--they are in order from left to right, and the pictures reflect the topic of the clue. Don't forget that you can follow the given path also.

  • After you have found the answer to the question asked, write down your answer then proceed to the next question.

    Return to the icons, select the appropiate icon and continue.


    Click on the picture below.....