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Name:  Susan Boone                                       Email:  smboone@gmail.org



School:  Westside High School                        School district:  Houston I.S.D.


Grade Level:  9-12                                        Subject/Class: Web Mastering

TCEA Presentation --February 8, 2005


Project Objective:  Students develop a portfolio that showcases major class projects that were completed throughout the year.   Each student creates a CD that introduces the projects and has a functional navigation system to each of them.


The content of each students’ portfolio includes the following:
(links are to Westside High School - Web Mastering Lessons )
*note:  These links are current for this year.  You can all view Web Lesson 03 - 04

        First Web Page

        Fun Photo (Photoshop)

        Math Lesson ('04)

        Flash Project

        Presentation Web Site ('04)

        Flash Intro

Portfolio Assignment


Key TEKS Correlation (either subject area or Technology Applications, if applicable):

§126.28. Web Mastering – link to specific TEKS correlated to the
Web Mastering Portfolio




Portfolios must be able to provide structure for developing and understanding criteria for good efforts, and in applying the criteria to their own and other students' work. Portfolios serve as a vehicle for enhancing student awareness of
these strategies for thinking about and producing work--both inside and
beyond the classroom.

Students need to have an adequate command of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.  They should also follow good web design skills, including proper planning and research, and well as proper folder/file structure developed in class.


Student Instructions (use separate page if needed):


Each Web Mastering student is required to create a digital portfolio of the work created in class this year. All of their files should be saved to the student server.  The Digital Portfolio will account for 40% of your final exam grade.


Traditionally, Westside hosts a Digital Portfolio Show in the Library. Presentation at this event will net an additional 5 points on your Portfolio and you will NOT have to orally present in front of class.


Extra Credit: You can earn up to 10 points extra credit for designing a CD label. I will choose the most appropriate label for the CD and will create the labels for each person.  The design should reflect the work done in class, have Web Mastering (current year), Westside High School and a place for your name. The rest is up to your imagination.


Required Files: 

Each student must create an index.html file that is separate from the folders created in class. Include a Flash movie of your choice. (Publish your .fla file.)  The movie can be imbedded into the index.html file that automatically opens another html page that contains a table of contents, OR, you can have the buttons built into a flash file. Links to the index page for each of the created folders should be included either on the flash movie, or on a second intro page. Your intro page should include a brief description of each of the projects and you may want to include what you learned. The rest is up to your imagination. The following folders must be included on your CD:


lastnamefirstinitialweb--this folder should include all of your personal .html files and all images. Include a link back to the navigation for your portfolio.


lastnamefirstinitialfunphoto--the first file for this project was funphoto.html. an index.html page should be created that has links to your funphoto. You may include the image you made for the mid-term exam. Include a link back to the navigation for your portfolio.


lastnamefirstinitiallesson-- (this is the math lesson you created for class). An index.html file should be already in this folder. Include all other files and images for your lesson that you made. Include a link back to the navigation for your portfolio.


lastnamefirstinitialpres-- (this is your presentation web site created during the 5th six weeks). Include a link back to the navigation for your portfolio.


lastnamefirstinitialflash--include the flash files you created. This folder may be optional, although the face was well done for most of you. Include a link back to the navigation for your portfolio.


Important Dates: CDs will be burned on (specify date—I suggest at least a full week before finals).  Your files will be graded with the available material on these dates. No exceptions! I will have a Late Lab Date on (be as kind as your hear allows.)

If you complete your project early, please let me know. You can begin the Javascript lessons. (I usually have extra lessons available for students that ‘think’ they can do no more on their pages.  I try to have something new and exciting to keep their interest).



Resource materials (peripheral hardware, software, web sites) that may be used (though student projects should be software independent--can use any software you have available.  I use notepad and html the entire first semester.):

  • Dreamweaver MX
  • Photoshop (I have version 6)
  • Flash MX
  • Off-Site Server (I use host http://www.hostpc.com ) ~25$ year for 300 Mb (password protected folders--plus ~$10 for domain)
  • Blaze FTP -- download @ http://www.bmtmicro.com/BMTCatalog/win/blazeftp.html
  • Digital Camera
  • Scanner
  • CD burner
  • Portable File Storage (pen drives etc.)
  • No texts are used in my class although I am very partial to the following texts:
    • HTML 4 for the World Wide Web; Elizabeth Castro
    • The Non-Designer’s Web Book; Robin and Williams and John Tollet
    • Web Design Workshop; Robin Williams, John Tollet, & David Rohr
In addition to the software suggested above, it is very beneficial to work with the network specialist to obtain space on a school server.  I have the luxury of having a student server with password protected folders.  This is by far the most beneficial resource material I have available for this class.

Grading rubrics:


        First Web Page

        Fun Photo (PhotoShop)

        Math Lesson

        Flash Project

        Presentation Web Site

        Flash Intro

Overall Portfolio