With Internet Access in Your Classroom You Can Easily:
  • create originial useful lessons
  • access and evaluate current information 
  • download, collate and share relevant information 
  • participate in global projects 
  • work in a self-managed learning environment 
  • access experts in many fields
  • provide useful information about your school
    Use of Internet services in the classroom should be integrated into teaching and learning activities, with strategies that ensure that all students have access to the equipment, skills and understandings required to use the technologies.
create originial useful lessons

Students will create their own pizza using choices of toppings.  They will be able to "order" their creation from the Internet and see their creation. They will use their order to calculate the area of various size pizzas, determine the "better buy", and calculate the cost per topping. Students will also have to use research skills to answer questions pertaining to the Pizza Home Page.

The Internet Pizza Server
Lessons By Susan Boone

access and evaluate current information

Students will review the census site on the Internet and gather data regarding trends in population. They will study this data and make predictions on future populations and compare their results with the information available on the Internet.

Pop Clock

download, collate and share relevant information

Come join us in our conversation about the use of discourse as the basis for encouraging students' mathematical thinking in classrooms and for supporting professional growth. A collaboration of teacher practitioners and Math Forum staff, this videopaer reflects an attempt to integrate practice and research, reporting on findings culled from discussions of research articles and chapters, classroom practice, and videotapes of classroom teaching.

Encouraging Mathematical Thinking
participate in global projects

Blocker Middle School participated in Bugscope on 23 January 2001. During their session Blocker Middle School collected 109 images, some of the best were selected by the Bugscope operations team:

Judy Lee's Homepage

work in a self-managed learning environment

In this investigation students use simple materials and background information to investigate the effects of secondhand smoke.  Students will gather evidence about how much air is inhaled when you breathe and compare that to smoke in the room.

Textbook Supplements
access experts in many fields

'Pathways' for Young Women in Math, Science & Technology is a place where users gather information and experience about careers in mathematics, science and technology by interacting with people, programs and information.

Math/Science Network

St. Agnes Academy
provide useful information about your school

St. Agnes Academy


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These pages were developed through GirlTECH , a teacher training program sponsored by the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) with support from the National Science Foundation through EOT-PACI.
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