Extracurricular activities

Along with teaching seventh grade reading at Revere, I am the yearbook sponsor and girls soccer coach. Growing up playing softball and many other sports, I have kept that love for athletics. My favorite sport is baseball. Although the Detroit Tigers are my favorite team, I will always support the Houston Astros.

  1. Yearbook
  2. Soccer


Students on staff will create pages and organize the book to be appealing to other students.
Staff members are the record keepers for the school. Although developing pages is the main selling point to the book, students want to see themselves in the book. Therefore, staff membrs are required to take good pictures of major events throughout the year.
There are times when students must stay after school to get a project or deadline finished. Students, parents, and teachers do not realize all that goes into making a book. Deadlines must be met, pictures must be perfect, and everything has to please the student body in order to sell.

Here are some responsibilities of the staff:

  • Gather information on the student body through interviews and surveys.
  • Attend as many extracurricular activities as possible.
  • Be an active and participating patriot.
  • Crop pictures, number pictures, and line up the pages in an organized manner.

Possible organization of the 99-00 yearbook:
  1. Opening
  2. Student Life
  3. Individuals
  4. Advisories
  5. Athletics
  6. Fine Arts
  7. Clubs
  8. Closing
  9. 8th grade advertisements/dedications
  10. Autographs

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Soccer Players Needed!
Girls' soccer resumes in January, 2000. Last year we had a great year, finishing second in district.
If you are interested in being on the 99-00 girls' soccer team at Paul Revere, here are a few tips to follow:
  1. Contact Mrs. Castro early in the year.
  2. Get your physical through the P.E. department.
  3. Get your insurance forms together.
  4. Join cross country in the fall and run, run, run.
  5. Keep those grades up!

Let's make this year the best ever.
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updated July 20, 1999

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