OVERVIEW OF SCHOOL: Paul Revere Middle School_in the Houston Independent School District is located just west of the corner of the Sam Houston Toll Road - West and Briar Forest. Located on a 15 mile peninsula bounded by suburban school districts, Revere's home zone is a rectangle-shaped territory stretching from Richmond Avenue to the south, Buffalo Bayou to the north, Highway 6 to the west, and Fondren Avenue to the east. Revere is a part of the Robert E. Lee High School vertical team and its seven feeder schools are located in subdivisions which range from the very affluent to the HUD projects. Revere has an ethnic population of 23% African American, 7% Asian, 39% Hispanic, and 32% white. The mobility rate is 25%. The at risk population is 28%. Forty-one percent of Revere's students are on free lunch.

PURPOSE: After attending the "it's never too late" literacy institute this summer with Dr. Janet Allen, founder of the Allen Education Program, we have decided to begin our own literacy program at Paul Revere Middle School implementing her literacy philosophies. The purpose of this program is to boost the literacy rate of our lower level readers. Eleven percent of our school's student population is falling behind in literacy achievement. This program will encourage those students to read and succeed at reading.


  1. In order to get students reading, we want to provide the lower level readers with audio books in the classroom. Students will listen to the books on tape (via a walkman) and follow along with the book. This enables the students to listen to better readers model reading for them.
  2. Our second goal is to change the structure of the classroom. Instead of lecturing or doing activities for the entire ninety minutes, we will separate the class time into several parts: read aloud, writing in a journal, independent reading, and having shorter mini lesson hitting only one area instead of several at one time.
  3. A third area to this program deals with the independent learning and conferencing that we will do with each student. During a set time of approximately thirty minutes once a week, we will allow students to work independently on reading, writing, or conferencing. This will free up time for us to walk around the room and conference with individual students to check up on their reading or writing skills.
  4. Another goal that we have for this program is to see lower level readers interested in reading. In order to do this, we will need a class library. Using books that will capture the interest of the lower level reader is our desire. Therefore, we will also need a selection of high interest books for the middle school student.
  5. A final goal in this program is the addition of technology. Students need to have ready access to computers and software that will encourage reading growth. Revere already has a couple of reading software programs that could help, but we need the hardware and technical support to provide a more complete assessment. For instance, we need an assessment tool for the beginning of the year that would diagnose reading levels and abilities. These would help us as we create a curriculum suitable for individual needs.

PROJECTED OUTCOMES: We hope that our low level students will read more and comprehend what they read. We hope to bring lower level readers to the correct grade level while making them feel comfortable about their skills. We also hope that through this project students will feel more confident in other classes.

updated July 20, 1999

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