Beginning PowerPoint Presentation

Grade: 3,5


  • Computer Science

Duration: 2 class periods (double blocks)

Description: Students create a beginning PowerPoint presentation that can be used for any subject area.

Goal: To help students organize and create a slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.


  1. Students will set up a basic plan for creating a PowerPoint slide presentation.
  2. Students will be able to compose, type, edit, and present a slide presentation.
  • computers with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • presentation equipment (LCD projector, TV, etc.)
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencils
  • Research Storyboard Worksheet
    Research Storyboard Worksheet in .pdf format; requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    Click the icon to obtain the free Reader.
Students have chosen a subject to research in one or more of their classes. For instance, if students are researching a famous woman scientist, the following might be provided on the Research Storyboard Worksheet:
  1. Title Famous Woman Scientist
  2. Background information: born, family life, death
  3. Education: schools attended
  4. Contribution and Impact to society
  5. Other interesting facts about your scientist
  6. Bibliography

The Research Storyboard Worksheet will be used to complete a PowerPoint presentation and act as an organizer for a follow-up written report. [ Author's Note: This form is a wonderful organizer for ELD and Special Education students as it gives them visual clues to complete their research, presentations, and reports. This form can be adapted for both Gate and Special Education students as needed.]

Have students open the PowerPoint program on their computers. Choose a blank presentation. Make sure to explain to students that their information is the most important part of their presentation. They will be given an opportunity to add color, sounds, etc. at the end of the information installation period.

Choose the "title" slide. (The first slide in the PowerPoint layout.) Using the project listed above, enter the name of the scientist in the top data box. Students enter their name and class information in the second or lower box. Go to the Insert menu and insert a new slide. (The keyboard shortcut "Ctrl-M" may also be used.) Choose the second slide in the PowerPoint menu showing a data bar and "bulleted" list below. Enter the slide name of "Background Information" in the title box. Using information gathered in their research, students enter short sentences in the text box. (This step helps students learn to summarize information.)

Choose the same slide for each of the remaining four areas on the storyboard, completing each in the same way as the steps above. Important : Have students save their work after each slide is completed to ensure minimal loss of information. Edit for spelling, grammar, and other information as needed. A draft of their presentation may be printed out at this time. To minimize paper usage, use the Handouts/6 slides per page feature in the Print menu window.

Students may now begin to personalize their presentations with the following features: pictures, color, slide backgrounds/templates, sound, transition options, etc., as time permits. SAVE after each change. Note: Since all their information has been entered at this time, students could actually use the basic format to give an oral presentation. Print again if desired these copies make good bulletin board presentations as well as a presentation aid for the students. Once completed, have students share their presentations with the rest of the class.

Assessment: Collect students' storyboard sheets and slide handouts to check for completeness.


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